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Walk #48

Look closer and wonder. Autumn Forest Bathing

Sun 10th Oct, 2021

Number of places remaining:

Grade: Easy

Distance: 0.6 miles (1 km)

Estimated duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Walk leader: Kathy Meakin
Organisation: Dursley Welcomes Walkers
Starting point: Stinchcombe Hill golf course car park
Post code of start: GL11 6AQ
Grid ref of start: ST 74674 97960

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Map to start point:

Details of the walk:

Connecting you to nature with just enough facts …..

How often when you’re walking in the woods are you actually there, or is your head elsewhere?
If you stop and really look at the woods do you wonder what it is you are seeing?
How much have you ever really seen or experienced of the woods around you?

Forest bathing is the act of spending time in a forest and opening your senses to the natural surroundings to experience feelings of peace and wellbeing. Contemplation the act of looking thoughtfully at something or deep, reflective thought. On this walk to slow busy ADULTS down and give them some quiet time, my aim is to give you space, but just enough nature to think about. Especially things you may have never given yourself the time to stop and wonder at. We won’t be going far, but we will go deep, looking at overlooked details. Downhill a bit and up again through some deep leaf litter that may be slippery. There will be opportunities to get down on your knees and get your hands dirty if you want to, or allow yourself to stop and just be. Because we will be going slowly in October, dress a bit more warmly for the weather, which may be wet.

Special areas of interest:
There will be opportunities to really look closely plants and insects using magnifying hand lenses, to see things you may have never really looked closely at before, or not since you were a child.
Additional items you need to bring on this walk:
Magnifying lenses if you have your own. Binoculars if you have them, but our primary focus will be on the small details.
Please note the following information for this walk:
  • dogs_not_permitted

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